PCB Assembly Capabilities


OurPCB Assembly Capability Overview

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • RoHS & Lead-Free Assembly.
  • Consigned Components or Turnkey.
  • Small quantities and quick turns available.
  • Single or double-sided mixed technology PCB assembly.
  • Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs and SONs.
  • BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection.
  • SMT, Through Hole assembly, Single/double side SMT, Single/double sides mixture assembly.
  • Accuracy: <±40μm, under the condition of 3σ,CPK≥1., Angle accuracy <±0.06°.
  • Components Size:SMT 01005 to 100mm×80mm.
  • Minimum width/space of QFP: 0.15mm/0.3mm, Minimum diameter /space of BGA: 0.2mm/0.35mm.
  • Maximum part’s highness : 18mm, Maximum part’s weight:30g.
  • PCB Size:50mm×50mm~450mm×406mm, PCB Thickness:0.5mm~4.5mm.
  • Placer speed:60,000 chips per hour, Feeders number: 140 piece of 8 mm reel feeders,28 IC tray feeders.

ROHS Compliance

We offer fully ROHS compliant PCB assembly services.We provide a complete transition path from existing Tin-lead solder based assembly to ROHS compliant assembly.Our ROHS design conversion services span from BOM modifications to Board level design modifications.

Assembly equipment

State of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including automatic Pick and  Place, BGA rework and X-Ray equipment, Optimized reflow processes to protect the PCB laminate and components from temperature excesses and achieve highly reliable solder bonds.


You may send us your components as a kit (consigned), or you may ask us for Turnkey assembly, For example, We source the components. We have the Ability to source components from virtually any vendor around the globe, Removing all of our clients pains in sourcing components from various vendors.

DFM Feedback

We offer relevant design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis feedback to our clients regarding the assemblies that are either in the design stage or currently under manufacture.

Assembly Rework

Rework as per customer needs – Simple to highly complex rework.

Testing Services

Testing of PCB assemblies as per customer requirements.We also offer Test Plan design services in specific cases.

We Are Here To Serve You

At OurPCB we believe we are here to serve the customer.  When we provide you with a service we aim to make the experience better than anything you have had before.  That way we know we are confident you will keep coming back.  We constantly strive towards a never ending cycle of improvement and this means constant change to meet the changing demands of the market.

PCBA Bench Mark

Certifications 90
Quality 95
Manufacturing Capabilities 85
Delivery 95